AD-RITR Creative 



"Licensed to write copy
​that drives sales"


Raised on an Iowa farm, I first wanted to be a large-animal veterinarian until I had the chance to create a TV spot for Pork "The Other White Meat" as a high school junior at a swine science conference hosted at Iowa State University. After coining the slogan "Put pork on your fork & eat it today" for a funny spot that won acclaim vs stiff competition from more-popular meats like beef and chicken, the ad creative bug bit me hard.


After looking into the journalism field instead of the ag one,  I decided to attend Drake University in the metropolis of Des Moines, IA, namely for its specific B.A. in Advertising and "Mac in every dorm room" perk. It was a natural fit and I was very involved — both at school, and with internships at area businesses, easily graduating a semester early, even earning College Honors.


From internships at a small-town weekly newspaper to a global big-city ad agency, I found ways to experience the full range of the journalism industry. After a stint in a St. Louis ad agency, I moved out to the sunny, scenic Southwest of New Mexico to open my own freelance shop, working for top clients in agribusiness and industrial markets. I later returned to Iowa for several years, and then relocated to the warmer climate of Las Vegas, Nevada, where the winters are much more mild! About 2 years ago, I moved back to my original hometown to the site of my family's farm in Northwest Iowa. Talk about deep roots!


Over the past 2 decades, I've worked with — and  for — ad agencies of all sizes, media outlets, production companies, local and regional companies, non-profits, as well as global corporations. I've been writing print/collateral, editorial/PR, video/ interactive, and for the web, as well as social media. I even wrote a coffee-table collector's book on John Deere memorabilia back in 2001 just for a hobby, and blogged about memorabilia for a few years, long before everyone (and their dog) had a blog.


You may be surprised to hear that I've been personally called by Oprah Winfrey herself after making her a tribute book remembering her dog Gracie, which then led to an online publishing product being named one of Oprah's Top 10 All-Time Favorite Things in O, The Oprah Magazine, for the 2008 holiday season. 


Throughout my career, I used my firsthand farm-girl knowledge as a niche in writing on agribusiness accounts, including global giants John Deere, Case IH, Monsanto, Merck, Massey Ferguson, and others. My technical expertise works well in industrial & B2B markets too.


In the past decade, I've used my passion for digital photography to develop another emphasis in the consumer photo-gift and digital publishing industry, including consulting for an international network of photo retailers. 


Personally and professionally, I'm addicted to high-tech from gadgets to apps, and especially love to curate and connect on social media sources, such as Facebook and the like. "Like!" Ha, get it?


Today I'm looking for interesting opportunities to create and collaborate with companies who wish to share stories strategically through the power of words, connecting with your customers, prospects, employees, and other key audiences across traditional and social media outlets. 


It first began in the "Show Me" state of Missouri when I was a Copywriter at a St. Louis ad agency back in 1994. I decided to get vanity plates & brainstormed the AD-RITR idea.

Later, I moved to New Mexico & started up my own freelance shop. While thinking of a name for my biz, the vanity plate seemed ideal. Hence, AD-RITR Creative Services was born! 

The AD-RITR plate traveled with me to Iowa many years later, then Nevada for about 5 years, and now back in Iowa again, but the other corner of the state.

The only thing that has changed slightly is whether or not the state allows for the dash (or hyphen). While it's probably not legal, I've been known to add one with duct tape in the past.

Of course, it's been fun to use the obviously cheesy (or corny, since I'm originally from Iowa) slogan "Licensed to write copy that drives sales!" because it just begs for that humor. And that's the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say!